I and Sophi aunty were sitting at my home, waiting for a cup of tea. I stared at her for almost a whole minute and could not help asking her “Is everything ok?” It seems like you are in low spirits. She suddenly came out from a deep thought and answered “yeah, I’m absolutely fine”. On the contrary, I am even feeling much better today. This truly wonderful day began with an invaluable surprise.

It’s been over five years for my separation from my husband and I did not go a day without missing her, she continued. I was totally drowned in his memories last night which did not let me have a sleep for a few seconds. I don’t know what, just that he was in me, she added! On asking, what was the reason of this breakup, she answered, love left us, and ego took place instead.

Flower Bouquet

Turning back to the surprise thing, she said with pleasurable excitement that I received a parcel today morning. You know what, tears rolled down my cheeks. It was a flower bouquet and a letter from him. This was the first time that I heard a word from him in past five years. I was nervous and tickled pink at the same time with everything that happened today. His memories wrapped me more tightly. He wrote “he is missing me, he wants to meet me”. I am so happy. I feel like thanking everyone and everything in my life. It seems I am being called back by my lost world.

I did not turn my eye from her during the entire discussion. Alongside, my mind was totally occupied with so many exclamations. How beautiful love and togetherness is! It seemed like she was dead in this five years and got an invitation from life to live it again.

Yes, some relations give life to the soul!