I never knew that married life is more beautiful than love life until we tied the knot. Yes, it is a love cum arranged marriage that had several issues and arguments alike all inter caste marriages in India. Well, between all odds, we somehow managed to convince everyone and finally came the most awaited day.

Before all that it was incredible to see each other at malls and then go shopping or watch movies or have dinner. I became used to see him wait for me at our every date. Whatever we planned to do, wherever we chose to go, it used to be fabulous to spend such a great time together. Whenever got the chance, I never failed to say ‘you are someone to die for, hamesha mere saath rehna’. Valentine Day FlowerWe did never miss a single moment to pray to have each other for the lifetime. Thankfully, we realized that there is a supernatural power that listens to prayers. We finally became together for the rest of our lives. My post marriage experience has been even more wonderful. I am amazed to live such a great life.

Waking up together every morning, preparing breakfast for him, giving him a warm hug while his leaving for office, and then waiting for him in the evening is as beautiful as seeing your wish fulfilling each day. Yes, he makes me feel alive in the most beautiful way. Everything he does for me nurtures my love and emotions for him. Life is interesting and there is no space for something like monotony. On this Valentine’s Day, I wish to make him feel loved by enticing Valentine’s Day flowers.

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