My sweethearts,

I thank you both for gifting a bundle of fun, love, excitement, care and affection to me. Your company makes me feel way too overwhelmed. The uncontrollable laughter wouldn’t be possible without your humour that jostles my funny bone. This rakshabandhan, as we are not able to get together, I have a few words to deliver that this life has taught me. Being an elder sister, I simply want to pass on a few things which I have learnt from life. What counts in life is karma, everything else is transient, the things, the people. Always watch your deeds. However, try to see only positive side in others; that is the only thing that makes you progress in life happily. People take their anger out in adverse situations that may include envy, frustration, and sorrow! In any case, do not let these vulnerabilities affect your consciousness. Give only love. Have the feeling of compassion for others.

Online Rakhi

Life is full of challenges, surprises and wonders. Be careful at every step you take. Proceed with a particular decision if your inner conscience allows you. Learn to discriminate between right and wrong. Remember that mind is your biggest enemy. It will always direct you towards the path that gives enjoyment, however, not a great pick from wise perspective.

Lastly, I am with you both to help you take big decisions in life. I’ll always give my best to bring the best to you. You are my gems. My unconditional love is always there for you both. Rest, I rest my case!

Wish you a very happy Rakshabandhan.

Stay lovely

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