Innocence in nature, eternal beauty in looks, and devotion in tendency is what a flower possesses. This lovely gift of nature gives amazingly beautiful moments in life that we can never forget. Here is one of the most wonderful moments I was surprised with, a few days back.

It’s been 5 years for us to be in a beautiful relationship. Exactly 5 years back he proposed to me in a way I did never expect. What a classy day it was! There was no single reason I would say no. Without taking a moment, I said ‘Yes’. Between smiles, sharing, tears, laughter, and tiffs, the love was taking a bigger shape every day.

Flower Decoration in Delhi

Unbelievably, a day before my birthday this year, I received a text from him that he is no more able to stay with me. It was kinda goodbye message. He however wanted to meet once. That small group of words ruined my world. I could not believe and understand what had happened. After repetitive attempts he did not attend my call. I was in haste to meet him. I reached the venue he had mentioned. I was directed to a room. On entering, I was welcomed with a lovely birthday song and awesome flower decoration. He came from nowhere and gifted me a huge bouquet of roses and an incredible present. I hugged him tightly. What I heard from him was “I cannot live without you; it was just to trouble you for a while. Sorry for it”

I was damn in tears. I thanked God and yelled at him. He scared me like hell. I was incomparably happy. Those moments made me realize his importance in my life.

Alongside, I like to thank FBN for providing best flower decoration in Delhi. They made the room a dream birthday party venue.