What could be lovelier than a surprising message from your sister on the auspicious day of Rakhi? Following is an excerpt of the letter sent to me by my elder sister.

“If I look back to our childhood, you were never a part of my plans. We both were lovely to our parents but not to each other. I only included mom and dad and never you in whatever I thought of doing. I always looked up to trick you, trouble you, and tease you, especially when we were in quarrel. When mom chastised you for your wrong deeds, I would cachinnate every time. And I doubt if you ever wished to include me in any of your plans. Well, this is the tale of every pair of brother and sister of this world.






Fortunately, surprisingly, and shockingly, you became one of the most important people of my life as we grew up. I unknowingly began sharing things, found everything else petty in front of you. I now find it impossible to go a day without missing you. Yes, you are a precious gem and possess an ocean of love for you in my heart. Wish you a very happy Rakshabandhan my little brother.”

These beautiful words were packed with a mind-blowing bouquet of flowers, a sweet gift, and a pretty rakhi. Needless to say that her amazing bunch of feelings filled my heart with endless love for my didi.

Have you ever expressed your emotions you hold for your brother? If no, tell us. FBN will do it with all the love and care so beautifully and gracefully. Believe us, he will pour his love on you for the lifetime.

Dil ke rishte aise hi hote hain!

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